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I would first like to start off by saying sorry for not updating the page lately. Actually, there hasn't really been anything to update. as sleep came has not broken up, and they have not played any shows. Many of the members have just been so incredibly busy that it is just insane, and they had to take a small break. But we're trying to get back on our feet for just practicing right now, and maybe some shows will come of that. We will let you know everything that's happening as soon as we make it happen. Keep us in your prayers that we may continue to support each other in the band and to encourage the fellow band members to make time to practice. It is a hard thing, I know, but if we keep to it...we will make it. Love, chris * stangy *

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. as sleep came . is extremely excited about the show coming up in Myrtle Beach October 7.2000 at Slacker 77. They practiced this past Saturday in Chris' new living room of his new house, and just rocked it out. They revamped the two songs that they played in Summerville last month and they sound just so entirely awesome...and they also learned a newer (shorter) one...* A Quick Phrase *. They practiced without Jason (b/c he had to work), but he should have absolutely no problem picking up on the new parts and the new songs. They still have a little under a month to practice so they will definitely be practicing more and learning a few new songs, so that they can show the crowd at Slacker 77 what they and who they are. See you guys there hopefully (for directions e.mail us at the link on the Contacts Page) and we love you all. chris * stangy *

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as sleep came is starting up again...hopefully for a longer period than before. They have a show October 7 at Slacker 77 in Myrtle Beach, it should be amazing. They are going for playing more than 2 songs this time though. Sorry to you guys in Summerville who we only played 2 songs for. They will be trying to practice much more than usual (which still isn't that much), but hopefully it will be enough to bring unison in the songs. Can't wait for the show and directions can be given out if you guys e.mail us using the address on the contacts page. Thanks again and we love you all!

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The bands were rockin...the show was outstanding. everything was just great and i miss it. We're still trying to practice a little more b/c now we have school which delays us just a little on when and where we can practice. We are hoping to have a CD out before the middle of next spring...but we always pray that it will be sooner. we hope to see you all soon, and if you have any shows lined up for us...or that we would be able to play in, please...PLEASE e.mail us through the contacts page. thanks so much...love, chris

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The show is getting closer while . as sleep came . is still trying to look for a place to practice and plan for the show to come. It's gonna rock, i can say that. With bands like: the distance formula (fifth story music), mercy 78 (fifth story music), . as sleep came . (fifth story music), the divots, marlo's ride, and 7th vision...the whole night will rock out till everyone is on their knees bleeding the tears of life. It's gonna rock like no other! For directions goto the contact page and e.mail us asking...and we'll give it to you. Thanks so much for listening...and we'll see you Saturday! Love, chris

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the time has come for . as sleep came . to try and start rockin. One opportunity has emerged in Summerville, SC on Saturday, August 5.2000. It's called D-Day 2000 and is a fundraiser kind of thing for the Alpha Pregnancy Center. It will be held at the Faith Assembly of God in Summerville at 6.00 PM and will include bands such as: Marlo's Ride, . as sleep came . , the Divots, and 7th Vision. It will be an incredible show and will also include dramas, speakers, and fellowship. Hope that you all can come out and for more information and directions...please e.mail Chase Dog 01@aol.com. In other news, ASC is still hoping to get into the studio soon. It's been a hectic summer with trips, work, and now looking forward to more school. Keep us all in your prayers and we will see you out in Summerville. chris

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well...first of all i would like to apologize to all of you for not updating the page sooner. In the time span that i have not updated the page, Jason Hopkins (guitarist of The Distance Formula; formerly No Compromise) has joined on guitar and has put some amazing riffs into this hearfelt music of ASC. I am proud to have him with us. The reason that the page has not been updated sooner is because i have been working a lot lately and been writing lots of songs for my solo project that i am starting. It's called * Tiscal, My Understanding * and is a clean music that expresses emotion through music and words. I don't know EXACTLY how to describe it because there are tons of different kinds of music mixed into it. But anyway, the first recording of Tiscal is almost finished. I am just doing a simple at home recording which will give you an idea of what i am like. Well, . as sleep came . might be playing minus Mike again (which i really would not like to do unless he was with us) at Cornerstone 2000 on the Impromptu Stage. It will be the three of us: Jeremiah, Chris, and Jason. Well, we also might have a show in August in Charleston so we'll keep you informed about that. There is no further information that can be given out at this time. Enjoy the page. Love, chris * stangy *

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i never thought that i would see this day come. unfortunately, due to personal reasons that we would not like to give out, geoff rosenberry is no longer a part of . as sleep came . as of right now, asc is currently a three-piece emo/indie rock band; however, they are looking at one guitarist all ready. As soon as it is official, then we will let everyone know who the new guitarist is. He is totally awesome, and loves to rock out...so we are really excited to see what will come in the future. We are sad to see Geoff gone, but things happen. . as sleep came . still has one show lined up. May 19.2000 is not for certain yet, and neither is May 20.2000. May 20 is more likely right now...but we are still trying to work out the details with the new guitarist. Please keep us in your prayers, and we hope to play near you soon.

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. as sleep came . has been on the line with shows for May. They have two shows that they are playing at, both at Slacker 77 in Myrtle Beach, SC. They are playing back-to-back nights, May 19.2000 * friday * and May 20.2000 * saturday * . Friday they are playing with Empire Day and Jeremiah's Grotto, while Saturday they are playing with No Compromise, Mercy 78, and Just Like Jonah. Both shows will rock so come out and support us and the other bands. I hope to see you all soon, and send us information on shows (b/c we need 'em!) Stay chill!

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Well, not much news is going on for . as sleep came . They did not record like they thought, so the CD will not be for sale at Just Like Jonah's show with Zao. They do, however, have a show coming up...it's the Fifth Story East Coast in Myrtle Beach, SC. The show will take place at Slacker 77 (e.mail us for directions), and will feature: No Compromise, Mercy 78, Just Like Jonah, and . as sleep came . It is happening May 20.2000 so don't miss it!!! It will definitely rock. Besides that, nothing is really going on...they are still trying to record, but nothing is positive yet. God bless you all. chris * stangy *

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The show at Hilton Head Prep on March 17.2000 rocked! As Sleep Came opened the night with 3 songs and did an awesome job with tons of compliments from the crowd. If you were there...thanks for coming out and supporting us. We really appreciate it (and if you didn't like the vocals...don't worry because Chris was sick. So in other words, the vocals were not normal). For you that didn't come to the show, well, you missed a great one. No shows are lined up for right now, but they are trying to finish recording one or two songs for the three.way.split with Honestly...I Don't and Just Like Jonah. The CD should be available (if the recording gets finished) April 16.2000 at the Just Like Jonah show in Columbia with Zao. If you would like a copy, please e.mail ASC using the e.mail address on the "Contacts" page. Well, we will keep you all posted with information about shows and recording, so stay in touch. Love, chris * stangy *

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well, everything was going great for the show at the Skatepark of Charleston. Then the police came and took the "live music" license from the owner earlier than expected, so the show was then cancelled. I apologize for you that didn't hear, but all the members of . as sleep came . were very disappointed that the show was cancelled. However, in more news . as sleep came . has their first show this Friday, March 17.2000. The show is on Hilton Head Island for an Outreach. The Outreach will be held at the Hilton Head Prep Gym from 6.20 PM until 9.00 PM. For directions, please e.mail us with the e.mail on the "contacts" page. I hope you all can make it cause it will be awesome. It also includes: activities, food, fun, and a guest speaker. God bless all of you. chris * stangy *

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as sleep came has finalized the plans for the skatepark show in Charleston, SC March 10. The show is at the Skatepark of Charleston and starts at 5. As Sleep Came will go on stage at around 6 o'clock. We are not sure of the cost, so make sure that you bring enough money just in case. As Sleep Came will only be playing about 4 songs (5 if we learn another before the show)...however, they are awesome songs, so be prepared. In other news, as sleep came will also be trying for more shows so that they can make enough money for the EP release. They should be going in before the summer begins, and as of right now, it looks as though they are going to beat that deadline. God bless you all, and see you at the show. chris

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well, as sleep came has their first show scheduled. The show on February 26 was cancelled, so that did not go through. However, as sleep came has (as of right now) a show in Charleston, SC on March 10 at a skatepark (not sure if it is the new or old skatepark). That is pretty much all the news, except that as sleep came might also get an oppurtunity to make an EP in the next few months. All the members of the band are excited about what's to come, and i hope you all are too. God bless and take care.

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as sleep came has been remodeling (well adding to) the website. Adding a members page, and updating the news and links pages. Also good news, as sleep came may have a show February 26 at the Pavilion in Columbia, SC. They will only play between 3 - 5 songs depending on how many they learn or feel comfortable playing in front of a crowd (and if they are on the roster). They will be playing with fellow bands Mercy 78 and No Compromise thanks to good old Fifth Story Records. Please come out and support as sleep came and their message. Enjoy the updated page and thank you. God bless.

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as sleep came has been working on all of their songs for the past few weeks, and so far the songs have come out excellent. Only three songs have been completely finished and learned by all the members: lavender hearts split as i told you... * faceless change * death of a star. The other three songs are being worked on nonstop, and are coming out great. enjoy the page and keep in touch. God bless.
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as sleep came is trying to play a few songs for a couple of shows. the first is at the supreme fuel station on december nineteenth. this show is the last show being held at fuel because of the eviction, so come out and support the bands. the next show is the next day, december twentieth. the place is not definite yet because it has been cancelled and reorganized so many times. so please e-mail .asc. for more information. please come out and support us sometime soon. we will let you all know about future concerts and news. thanx so much.