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. lyrics .

d e a t h * o f * a * s t a r
words by jeremiah edmond
. this embrace spoke . that which was too fragile for words . it seems those days . when things were ok . were just memories . and you smile for me . only in my dreams . the tear that made it's way . down your face . offered more comfort . than any response .

t h e * c h i l l * o f * t h a t * d r o p
words by chris stangroom
. as i sit here . in the cold, dark shadow . i think back to our times . the sharing of life and love . after the hinges were shut . my friend dies as the winter falls away . his heart torn apart . but recovered from two loves . the sinless and the sinners . the lines of disassembled hearts . combine again . when the prayers of each other . are what we depend on . i love you .

f a c e l e s s * c h a n g e
words by chris stangroom
. a love became a chore . a passion became a faint whisper . in the night while half asleep . clouded tried to aid lost made false . knowing encouraged it on . yet His love remained . as open arms for a child who is now forgiven . as a door wide open to an inviting of whole heartedness . lost in the light . turning every which way . finding only more enticing . clouded asking for guidance coming from only one source . giving a decision . made clear to follow the heart . confused by unknown obstacles . cheating life into death . eternal hope becomes lost . falling away more because of one little voice . but more untold assumed . clouded giving up to do alone . and received as need of aid . he accepted . knowing results pre-visitation . recall missing elements of glorious believing . tears bleeding and spreading . skin pierced with love . but still lost . the end is untold for now . because the answer lies in the heart . for you that will break this chain away . lays faceless until devotion .

a * q u i c k * p h r a s e
words by chris stangroom
. goodbye . i'll see you around .

d e s t r o y * t h e * c l o c k
words by chris stangroom
. destroy the clock . before it ticks a second . past my heart . please record . these final emotions of mine . onto the palette . that was stitched . into your star shine bright . so that . if it is meant to be . i may find my way . through this path of twists and turns . back to your set of butterfly wings .

y e a r * z e r o s * t w e n t y * s i x * l e t t e r s
words by chris stangroom
. after barely count down . every feeling grows . however it . judges killing laughter . my night of prayer . quietness reflects single touches . under violet water . xenophobe year zero .

t h e * c a l e n d a r * s e c r e t
words by chris stangroom
. the twisted bonds . between us so tight . i can't see my way through . it seems that these problems are so entwined in confusion . it scares even my fears . because it seems that these knotted strings . will never come undone . the servant has always longed for the princess . but she must marry a prince . so why can't we change tradition . i'll help you along the way .

y o u r * e y e s * a * r e f l e c t i o n * a n d * t h e n * a * t e a r
words by chris stangroom
. all i have ever wanted to say . has all ready been said . thank you for everything .